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OPERATION: Create Your Own Path Part 2

30 days, 30 small businesses
30 ways to create your own path!
Welcome to Day 21 of OPERATION: Create Your Own Path, a 30 day event featuring 30 military spouse businesses across the globe. Our spouses serve our country while we take the opportunity to ignite and foster our entrepreneurial spirit! If you're just joining the operation, check out OPERATION: Create Your Own Path Part 1 or My Interview by Sandra Sawyer, Esq as well as the the 18 other businesses and spouses featured so far on Red, White & Blue Pages or Military Spouse Business Association.

For today's post, I interviewed Leti Riggle of Sport Diva Bands. Leti is a veteran spouse, whose husband has served 23 years in the United States Air Force; she has been part of that Air Force journey for the last 20 years. Sports Band Diva sells various colors and styles of hair bands for use while exercising. Leti started her business while stationed in Scott AFB, IL after finding that the products available on the market were overpriced and lacked the quality she can deliver.
"...I knew I didn’t want to buy [the products currently on the market] since all the ones I’d bought before would fall out. I felt like I’d be throwing my money away. So, I decided to research and put my sewing skills to practice to create a band that: 1. would stay put, 2. was versatile with different outfits or activities, 3. would not break my hair, and 4. wasn’t as pricey."
For Leti, starting a business has been very easy. She works full time and is able to grow her business in her spare time, spending about 5 hours a week on it. She was able to research other products and her supplies online and has focused on making one product. She uses as her storefront which is an online marketplace featuring one-of-a-kind business and allows buyers to purchase directly from the crafters using Paypal.

Every business needs support to find success. Leti has found a lot of support for military spouse business from the military community itself and the civilian community who love to support the endeavors of military spouses. Most of all, she draws her inspiration from her daughters, "being able to show them when you gain skills, you can make a hobby grow into a small business" is a huge perk for her.

Gaining the skills and knowledge along the way has been instrumental to Leti's start up efforts. She has made use of the internet and social networking as well as formal education. She is pursuing a degree in Information Systems Technology and Business Administration and has found the courses offered at her university to be an invaluable resource for her business. She also urges prospective business owners to use the internet's endless knowledge to their advantage,
"I did all the research and since there is a plethora of info on the Internet, It was pretty easy to look up and find what I searched for."
Sometimes starting your business is really just that easy. Doing your research beforehand and focusing your efforts on one product for one purpose is a great way to start a business without overextending yourself and using an online marketplace further minimizes your financial risk. Leti suggests that prospective owners spend time researching their target market, inventory needs, and educate themselves on the dynamics of supply and demand systems before diving in.

You can always start small and end up big. Leti's education and resources will allow her to grow and develop her business after her husband's retirement. She plans to open a brick and mortar store and plans to hire employees for labor and sales when she's able to make that transition. She offers this advice for other spouses looking to start out:
"Have confidence and don’t believe those voices that tell you [you] can’t."
You heard her! Don't let naysayers stand as roadblocks to your success, have confidence in yourself, get out there and make it happen!

For more information about Leti or Sports Diva Bands, contact her through her website, blog or e-mail her at sportdivah[at]

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