Thursday, March 21, 2013


Friendship is huge and I cherish my friends dearly. A good portion of my friends have even become family. Friendship in the military is an entirely different relationship, it's almost instant, and it seems like family from the beginning - it is family in so many ways and that's true of the ones I've known for 7+ years and the ones I've met at Sheppard the past few months. I owe the creation and (hopefully) success of Little Bean to the set of friends who belong in this "just add water and a PCS" category. Without their inspiration, I might not have thought about it at all. Without their continued support, input and their shameless plugging of Little Bean amongst themselves, their friends and their families, Little Bean wouldn't be growing the way it is! So, thank you!

As a token of my appreciation and a nod to their positive influence, the majority of my original seven collections are named after some of these incredible (and cherished) friends; the only exception is the "California" collection which is named so because the colors and styles remind me of where I met my husband and he is my biggest supporter of all!

In the spirit of giving back, I've decided to run a special contest for military only! I will post the details next week!


  1. I love the "Add Water and PCS" concept. :) You can freeze dry me and take me with you to the next adventure! -CB

  2. It should probably be "Add coffee and PCS," especially in our case. I may just take you up on that! But, I have a feeling we'll be back here within a year if everything goes to plan. Only 5-6 months again, but hey, it's something!