Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mom & Tot Double-Dating

I'm happily married and have a 13 month old darling daughter, so why does it feel like I'm dating again? Well, because I just moved back to a new area and I can count the number of local, non-related people I know on exactly 3 fingers. One has kids but lives in BFE, the other two haven't yet spawned (not with each other). Note: I'm not saying we can't hang out with my non-spawning friends, it's just their lives don't usually mesh well with naptimes, toddler fits, and the like and I still have to give Little Bean 100% of my attention since she doesn't have a playmate, which leaves very little time and attention for the person visiting if he/she is non-spawning. So non-spawners: great for ladies night out, not so great for toddler play dates.

mommy wars
...and you're not one of them!
The mommy groups in Madison seem especially hostile to new blood and seem to have ridiculous and convoluted requirements for joining. One group requires you to live on the third block of the fifth street west of the belt-line and another wants you to confirm that you're requesting to be added, which calendar month you would like to see, what your blood type is, and where you live or plan to live and full rights to your first born's first born before even allowing you to try out an event before you join. I understand personal security, these are our children we're talking about, but come on! (Yes, I'm exaggerating just a bit, but over half of what I stated are true requirements). What ever happened to a casual coffee date with local moms and their tots? What ever happened to seeing a new mom move into the neighborhood and inviting her over for coffee? Or does that only happen in the military and not out here in civilian life?

Super Mom
Ta da! I'm a genius!
So, I had an idea, I'll just invite my own awesome group over for coffee and play time to give us all some rest from the onslaught of toddler demands and allow ourselves some recharge time so we can better appreciate the onslaught of toddler awesomeness that I'm sure a lot of us are using to survive the demands (poorly surviving, I might add).

The problem? Where do I find the moms? Do I pick them up at the grocery store? The toy store? The splash pad? Do I post an online "MwT (Mom with Tot) seeking MwT" ad? (Yeah, that last one doesn't sound creepy at all).

I ran into a mom with a toddler the same age as Little Bean while shopping at Tar-jay; her toddler toddled right up and hugged me while my own Little Bean decided she didn't want to share me. Our kids were playing very nicely until my husband called me away to help with an issue at the register. Did I get the mom's name and number? No, and I'm still kicking myself. It feels like that awkward "Oh-why-did-I-chicken-out-and-not-get-the-hottie's-number" after effect from dating all over again. Maybe it will work out the same way and I'll only kick myself until the next mom and tot come along?

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